Friday, July 15, 2005


Day 1-

DC's BAT-PANEL: No suprises really. The biggest news being Paul Pope's Batman: Year 100 mini-series. No announcement concerning Grant Morrison's run on Detective Comics which is kind of dissapointing.

DC's "IN BRIGHTEST DAY PANEL" : Some interesting stuff here. Johns says that we're going to get to see Van Sciver draw a rat Green Lantern in issue four. From reading this, it seems that Johns has a very good grasp of what a good GL comic should be: alien space-cops with power rings. Hopefully, his Green Lantern will continue to be good and not degenerate into JSA levels of stinky.

DC's SPIRIT PANEL: Darwyn Cooke is doing a Spirit on-going series. Do I really need to say anything except GENTLEMEN START YOUR BONERS!?!?

MARVEL'S ULTIMATE PANEL: Mark your calendars boys and girls because it seems that Ultimate Peter Parker's life is going to get a little more tangled up when ULTIMATE SILVER SABLE stops by to "heat" things up for the young hero. Take that Mary Jane, you jealous little cunt. In other news, the third part of Ellis' brilliant Ultimate Galactus trilogy promises to not be that brilliant. I say this because the assigned artist is Strange's Brandon Peterson and his overendered Image-ish dreck is stiff and oogly. Ellis' deconstruction, in the hands of a good artist, can be suspensful and atmospheric--i.e. Ultimate Nightmare. But in the hands of a not-so-hot artist, the resulting comic book can be boring, uninvolving, and ugly--i.e. Ultimate Fantastic Four: N-Zone. Speaking of Ultimate Nightmare, Jesus wants Ellis and Hairsine to take over The Ultimates.

MARVEL'S HOUSE OF M: X-MEN PANEL: This panel has piqued my interest in House of M (editor's note- the "M" stands for Magneto) a tiny bit. What intrigues me is Joe Q's asseration that Bendis will answer whether or not Magneto is a straight up villain or a anti-hero and what's up with Morrison's Planet X story arc. If Benids establishes that Morrison's Magneto was a phoney, then he will join Claremonster in a special corner of hell. The important news from this is that Peter David and Ryan Sook are doing a X-Factor ongoing. It was rumored that PAD was going to this since Madrox finished, but Sook on art duties is best case scenario. If this comic book sucks, Marvel should stop making comic books. The X-Men/Power Pack crossover was also announced. Joe Quesada offered a sarcastic "because you demanded it!" after the dramatic revelation. Now if Joe is joking about nobody caring about the book, it follows that he knows that nobody cares. Well if Joe knows that nobody cares why are they publishing it?

VERTIGO PANEL: Wow. Every book that they're pimping seems pretty damn fantastic. Steven Seagle and Becky Cloonan's American Virgin is my favorite of the new books; topical, blasphemous, and funny all in one comic. Also of note is the equally blasphemousTestament written by Douglas Rushkoff with art by Liam Sharp. At first it sounded like a heavy-handed Invisibles knock off but then I saw Rushkoff's got an impressive c.v. Maybe he can pull it of, I'm definitely going to read it to find out. Add to them two a Fables hardcover, a BKV book about lions, and a western by Brian Azzarello and you've got quite a buffet of quality.


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